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Who We Serve

Medicare is confusing to buy - and hard to sell.
Inspire Health Tech works hand in hand with Medicare agencies, marketers, and like-minded Affinity groups to help you easily guide beneficiaries to the products that meet their needs & preferences.


Unlike other plan selection services, we do not market or sell Medicare products, so you can be confident in our focus and dedication - always.

Medicare Contact Center Agencies

For contact centers, Medicare sales are about Compliance and Efficiency.
Our AI-based plan selection tool helps you give a full-market view of Medicare, steering each beneficiary to the plans you're appointed to sell which match each person's needs.


Senior Member Organizations

Organizations that serve Senior citizens wish to increase the value of their services, to attract members and enhance retention.  They already depend on you - imagine if you could easily steer them to the right Medicare plan and agent!

FMOs / IMOs / MGAs - Medicare Brokerages

For FMOs, you're looking for better tools and leads to attract and retain the best agents.  Build a leads program that instantly matches beneficiaries to the right agents, carriers and markets.

Insurance Carriers and other Lead Buyers

For Carriers, it's all about CPA - and LTV.  This means you need to match the right consumers to your brand.  IHT can help drive inbound leads that align and have explicit interest in you - and are therefore less likely to disenroll or leave at renewal.

Lead Generators and TPMOs

For Medicare Marketers, it's all about CPL - and CPA within a rapidly-tightening compliance framework.
Our API based service helps you amp-up the value of the leads you generate via plan qualification, trust, and confirmation of intent.
Stand out from the fray.

Financial and Benefits Consultants

Large employer groups turn to their Financial and Benefits consultants to help with retirees and aging employees.  Yet, Medicare is often something you need to farm out.  Serve your large groups better with personalized support while increasing revenue.

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