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Insurance Carriers

As AI and plan selection tools get smarter, Insurance Companies need to evolve to understand the Medicare market for any type of beneficiary - and how they stand in the market competitively

For many reasons, we can't go on the way we are, with piles of poor-quality leads from confused consumers - many of them who had not even opted into being contacted, and some of them not even eligible for Medicare.

Today's Medicare carriers not only need higher-quality leads for their agents and for their own DTC operations, they need to understand the next phase of smarter Medicare marketing and sales, which empowers the consumer with predictive tools to find the plans that may be right for them.

Inspire Health Tech will work hand in hand to help you understand your competitive position in your markets, and within various consumer demographics, to help you understand what they're seeing.  Ultimately, this helps increase precision in targeting customers you believe would best benefit with your coverage.

Whether it's a leads program for your most valued producers, or with leads for your own DTC operation, or with consulting/data analysis to help you target market, Inspire Health Tech is here for you.

If this sounds interesting to you, let's talk - see our Contact page.

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