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Senior Member Organizations

Affinity organizations who serve senior citizens wish to attract and retain members by providing valuable, intelligent services

If you're an organization that serves Senior citizens, you're looking for ways to attract members, engage them, inform them, delight them... and of course to appropriately monetize them along the way.

Some senior organizations simply align with a large national insurance carrier, or two, and leave it at that.  Others align with a large broker - or several smaller brokers - and leave it at that.  By doing so, these organizations are not only releasing their members into a closed, biased, and rarely personalized experience - they're also leaving money on the table.

Your members want value from your organization.  Every senior (just about) needs Medicare.  Rather than release them to an agent with a narrow plan portfolio - or worse, to a single carrier, what if you had a "Medicare Center" on your website to provide personalized, unbiased Medicare plan recommendations for your members?   How valuable would that be?  

Value Drivers:

  • Powerful, personalized and unbiased Medicare plan recommendations for each member, taking into account their unique needs & preferences

  • An easily accessible API you can add to your member portal, to create a "Medicare Center"

  • A powerful new capability for your members to keep them on your site.

  • A valuable new orientation and service to enhance your organization's value

  • Giving your members a service which everyone can use

Why this is important:

  • Drives higher average per-member revenue from the Medicare leads and/or sales generated from your site, to cover organization expenses and growth

  • Enables high quality content and positions your organization as more intelligent and useful

  • Improves customer satisfaction, NPS, and increases the value of your organization

  • Drives new member acquisition, depth of engagement, time on the site, loyalty and retention

  • Inspires members to recommend your organization to others who also need personalized, unbiased Medicare plan recommendations.

  • Inspires waves of new content to speak to a topic everyone needs to understand.

  • Engenders trust and motivates cross-sell to other products and partners within your member portal.

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