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Financial & Benefits Consultants

For financial consultants or Employee Benefits consultants, Medicare is often an afterthought.  Why give this value away?

Medicare is a very important financial decision. 

Choosing the wrong plan can cost someone thousands of dollars
- or can affect their health negatively.  

For the consultants who serve high either large employers or net-worth individuals & families, Medicare leads are often referred to insurance brokers, some of which may offer only 1 or 2 carriers.  Are they really recommending the right plan for your valuable members? 

How do you know?  How do they know?

Large companies also struggle with this - older employees and retirees all need Medicare, and HR departments are rarely able to help.  Employee Benefits consultants may wish to step in, but they often times do not have the tools or licenses to do so.

Why not offer a Medicare Plan suggestion tool to your valued customers?  

This tool will ask a couple simple questions and make plan recommendations based on fit to the individual's personal situation.  From there, Inspire Health Tech can match that individual to an agent who can serve them and explain more about the plans they'd like to learn more about- and can then help them get enrolled.


In addition to the value you're providing to your customers, this can also be a respectable non-correlated revenue driver for you or your firm.  When Inspire Health Tech matches your customer to an agent, we receive a lead fee which we share with you.  This keeps the cost of the tool low - or FREE - to you.  Interested in learning more?  Click here.

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