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At the heart of Inspire Health Tech is our MediPro API, which includes AI-based Medicare plan suggestions and prescription data.  But that's not all.  We are much more than that.

AI-Based Medicare Plan Recommendation Service 

Inspire Health Tech's primary product offering is MediPro, an AI-based Medicare Plan Recommendation engine for consumers.  Leveraging predictive, state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning algorithms, we help you consider consumer preferences and Medical and Pharmacy needs to present the plans that fit their needs, considering every plan available to the consumer.

This personalized, full-market view helps the consumer know their needs - and all plans - have been considered.

For the agent or agency, this means your conversation is faster since it begins at a much more informed place.

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Jump-start a Consumer Presence for your Agency or FMO

Many agencies and marketers would love to give their prospects a way to educate online.  If they have an existing site, they can easily tie into MediPro.  If however they would like to create a NEW consumer presence for their agency or FMO, Inspire Health Tech can also help!

Our PlanKiosk product is a customizable web presence that gets you a huge head-start on development - and compliance!

Each PlanKiosk site includes MediPro - our AI-based Medicare plan recommendation engine.

Are you an FMO?
PlanKiosk can help your agents get the right leads - matched to your field agents' appointments and geography.

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Consultation and Data Analysis

As Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics takes hold in the Medicare market, carriers are often faced with a new type of Medicare shopper.  Today's Medicare shopper is tech-savvy and well-infomed.

How do you stack up in various geographies?  How do you stand competitively with beneficiaries of different ages, prescriptions and conditions?

Inspire Health Tech can help you understand these market dynamics - and help you position and target market to address what you learn - and what your prospects are learning on a daily basis.

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Need Help with your User Experience?

A bad web site can turn off visitors before they see the plans you offer.  At Inspire Health Tech, we can help you deliver a pleasing, informative user experience that smoothly transitions the insurance consumer into the plan-finding process.
Inspire Health Tech has UX experts who can build an attractive and compliant interface around the Medicare consumer experience.

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