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Medicare Marketers

For TPMOs - and Agencies who do their own Marketing
- it's an extremely competitive game and
- it's getting harder and harder to win.

The Web is an extremely competitive place to be.  Savvy SEO and pay-per-click experts are doing everything they can to drive consumers to their web sites and phone numbers, and away from you.  Sometimes these marketers are using reasonable methods, but sometimes they are using questionable or deceptive tactics which could set up the consumer for a bad experience or the wrong plan - which could cost the beneficiary thousands of dollars or even exacerbate health issues.

In 2021, Medicare Marketers experienced competition as never before.  While the government increases its efforts to crack-down on bad tactics, the game just keeps getting harder and harder.  

Age 65 just isn't that old, as far as technology is concerned.  Many of today's Medicare beneficiaries want to do a little Medicare research on their own.  They simply want to know, "which plan is right for me?" - BEFORE they talk to an agent.  Why not give this to them?  Rather than frustrating, confusing and even enraging your prospects, you can give them a full-market, unbiased viewpoint, and THEN pass that lead to the agent who can take it from there.  The best technology does not REPLACE agents - it complements their value and makes their job easier.  Leads that have been though our recommendation engine are far better - and command a much higher CPL - than leads you've seen before.  


Bottom line, you don't need to win at the old game - you just need to change the game.  With Inspire Health Tech's AI-based plan recommendation engine, your properties can promise a personalized, unbiased shopping experience and DELIVER on that experience.  In this new cooperative game, everybody can win.

Inspire Health Tech makes marketing more precise and deliver a better user funnel

Value Drivers:

  • An easily accessible API you can add to your web forms

  • A compliant, opt-in plan personalization you can use to plan-qualify the leads you sell

  • Higher qualified, higher-intent leads 

  • Reduced call time and improved close ratio for your lead buyers

  • A new story to tell - and more consumer-focused, intelligent pages which pre-educate and build trust

  • Additional lead information including a personalized plan set for each consumer

  • The smartest way to leverage AI-based consultation - High Touch at High Scale

  • Enables you to "up your game" and create a plan-qualified lead to sell to qualified buyers

  • Can still sell non-plan-qualified leads as before, providing an option to your site visitors

Why this is important:

  • Improved CPL (cost per lead) through improved CPA on the side of your lead buyers

  • Lead quality which creates differentiation and inspires brand loyalty

  • Less compliance headaches and returns due to a consumer opt-in and full available plan information.

  • Creates a "white hat" story for your TPMO and separates you from the rest of the increasingly low-quality leads business

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