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Advanced intelligence for your independent field agents
- and better leads for your loyal agents.

These days, independent agents have a lot to consider when they think about the FMO they align to.  While compensation is certainly important, more and more it comes down to two things - leads and technology.

Field/Independent Marketing Organizations know they must find technology and leads which attract, engage, energize and retain the best producers.  If you don't, your competitor will.  You've seen it again and again.

A leads program from Inspire Health Tech generates and distributes leads matched to the geographies, carriers and plans your agents sell.

Value Drivers:

  • Real-time leads from consumers who are ready to purchase the plans each agent sells

  • Consumers are pre-educated and have strong buyer interest

  • Can provide along with each lead, a view into the same personalized plan set the consumer has seen prior to the lead being generated.

  • The smartest way to leverage AI-based consultation - High Touch at High Scale

  • Compliant, forward-looking, pure-consumer orientation.

  • Our tool can also be used by you or your field agents, within your Agency portal, to help each agent understand the market in the context of each prospect they serve.

Why this is important:

  • Increased loyalty - and improved average production for each agent in your downline

  • Reduced time spent with each sale, since leads have already self-served to find the plans that suit their preferences, medical/pharmacy needs, and economics

  • Reduces consumer need to keep shopping - because they've seen the plans that suit their needs in the context of all plans available.

  • Compliance concerns are reduced due to Inspire Health Tech's compliant lead sources, which are bound by a sincere consumer orientation - and a full-market viewpoint.

  • Creates a "white hat" story for your FMO and separates your agents from the noise of the crowded, complex - and sometimes predatory - online Medicare market.

  • Helps agents speak to objections and understand how to position appointed products in the context of the expected Out of Pocket expenses the consumer can expect.

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