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Medicare Insurance Agencies

We help your agents close leads faster- and at a higher rate.

Agents ​have a tough job... Medicare beneficiaries have so much to learn.  How do you reduce the time it takes to close each sale?  We can help.

The Inspire Health Tech services platform - called MediPro - generates high-intent, plan-qualified leads, resulting in prospects who are already interested, educated and leaning towards buying the plans you sell.

Value Drivers:

  • Not just a "quote engine" - a personalized look at plans which fit a consumer's needs

  • Out-of-pocket cost estimates for ALL plans - predicted medical, pharmacy and premium

  • Provides supplemental benefits coverage and valuation for all MA plans 

  • Top-of-funnel plan visibility to consumers who want to do some research before talking

  • Consumers are pre-educated and have strong buyer interest

  • Visibility into the same personalized plan set the consumer has seen prior to the call

  • The smartest way to leverage AI-based consultation - High Touch at High Scale

  • Compliant, forward-looking, pure-consumer orientation

  • API can also be used to help agents find best fit for telephonic consumers

  • New in 2022 - Rx DataPlus - instantly provides prescription and physician info at POS

Why this is important:

  • Reduced call time because consumers already have interacted and self-served to find the plans that suit their preferences, medical/pharmacy needs, and economics

  • Less rapid disenrollments due to alignment of sales process to personalized plan set

  • Reduces consumer need to keep shopping - because they've seen the plans that suit their needs in the context of all plans available

  • Compliance concerns are reduced due to your sincere consumer orientation - and shared, full-market viewpoint

  • Helps you earn a "white hat" brand for your agency by separating you from the noise of the crowded, complex - and sometimes predatory - online Medicare market

  • Helps agents speak to objections and understand how to position appointed products in the context of the expected Out of Pocket expenses the consumer can expect

  • Rx DataPlus helps load and verify prescription data and coverage by plan, eliminating the need for prospects to find their prescription bottles, and the corresponding data entry - creating efficiencies, time savings and improving customer experience

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