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Carriers and Agencies - Do you need help understanding the value your plans provide to your targeted beneficiaries and members?  Let's talk.

Professional Services


Medicare Guidance from Inspire Health Tech

When people turn 65, we enter a new phase of life.  It's so hard to know where to turn for coverage.  Medicare is not simple- and the wrong decision can be expensive.  Medicare Oasis (available to organizations via our MO platform) is your place for the beneficiaries who rely on you to find the right plan for them, every time, based on AI and Advanced Analytics which predict out-of-pocket costs and comparative, personalized values of all available plans.  We enable you to provide the open, unbiased Medicare information all consumers need when they make this important financial decision.


Customer Acquisition Consulting

Inspire Health Tech's MO platform suggests plans that are right for each consumer based on their unique medical situation.  This represents a powerful opportunity for carriers and agencies who represent those plans.  When a consumer selects YOUR plan - a plan you market or distribute - wouldn't you like to instantly connect to them?  Wouldn't you like to help them with their questions and to help them enroll?

The hyper-competitive leads business is a mess these days.  Every agency and insurance carrier is looking for highly targeted, low-CPA prospects.  Look no further.


Medicare Oasis works together with you to:

  1. Examine fit and financial impact of your plans among various consumer demographics & preferences, leveraging world-class data sources and analytics.

  2. Campaign to your best-fit regions and drive targeted prospects to Medicare Oasis so they can see your products shine vs. your competitors.

  3. Route these exclusive, qualified leads instantly to you.

Not another lofty Marketing Agency with vague promises, Inspire Health Tech helps you builds trust in the marketplace - and delivers the customers you seek directly to your contact center or top producers.


Markets and Plan selections are booking up right now.  Contact us as soon as possible to book your free consultation and Market Analysis today - see form below or contact us at (414) 379-7401.  Let's talk.

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