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Medicare Plans aren't all the same - nor are we.

Medicare - personalized and unbiased.

Medicare Plans aren't all the same - nor are we.  One plan is best for each senior's unique needs.  But which plan?

Whether a beneficiary is turning 65 or considering a change in their Medicare coverage, it's not easy to select a plan.  There are so many websites, with agencies and carriers offering so many options.  Many seem more interested in selling what they have, rather than thinking about which plan is right for each individual's unique situation.  The wrong choice can be expensive.  Each senior needs a simple, unbiased approach to finding the right plan.  They need an oasis, away from the noise.


Built by Inspire Health Tech, the Medicare Oasis platform guides each Medicare beneficiary to the right plan for his or her unique condition.  Medicare Oasis uses information provided by the beneficiary, together with a secure plan selection tool from one of the most trusted names in data analytics, to predict the medical and pharmacy expenses that may be on the way, and then match the person to Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan that provides the lowest expected out of pocket costs.  Medicare Oasis is FREE to individual users and is supported by forward-thinking organizations that care about their health and well-being.

Did you know that the average Beneficiary has 34 Medicare Advantage plans available to them?  Why do many agents only tell the person about 1 or 2 plans? 


Be a part of the solution - not the problem.  The Medicare Oasis (MO) platform enables forward-thinking insurance agencies, contact centers, and financial organizations to support each person's Medicare coverage decision by enabling personalized plan information based on information provided by the beneficiary.  Never filtered, never biased, our tool considers ALL available plans within the universe of Medicare options.  Our Medicare Oasis platform matches an individual to the right Medicare coverage and then - when they are ready - offers an introduction to a qualified agent to help them secure and manage their coverage.

A personalized, unbiased Medicare Experience.

Whether you're an agency, an insurance company, a financial organization, or a Senior Association, Inspire Health Tech offers several solutions:

  • The Medicare Oasis (MO) API - for companies with their own established, online brand, Inspire Health Tech offers an easy way to help your senior members get started on their path to Medicare plan selection.  By passing us very basic information you collect, we can return information on the plans which match their preferences and reduce out-of-pocket expenses.  Our AI, advanced analytics and data sources find the plans that algorithmically represent the information they've provided.

  • The MO Ux/API combo - for companies outside of the Medicare world who wish to help their members find a Medicare plan, our MO Ux/API combo provides a white labeled, configurable interface to help your senior members get started with an attractive, easy to use interface which returns suggested plans through our MO API.  

In addition to the above, we also provide:

  • Medicare Agent Matching - If you choose, we are here to help connect your senior constituents to an agent who represents the plans they have interest in.  Inspire Health Tech is connected to agents across the country who have signed the Medicare Oasis Code of Ethics which help to ensure legal and ethical treatment of every beneficiary we match them to.  This service can return revenue to your organization well in excess of your MO platform investment.

  • Get the Word Out - Do you represent complementary products which help seniors?  We offer carefully selected, limited advertising opportunities to help seniors find products and services they may also need.

  • Consulting and Data Services - While each individual's information is (of course) secure, private, and protected, we are studying trends, tendencies, and selections in the aggregate.  Let's talk about how we can work together to help your organization better serve its senior constituents.

It's the right thing to do.

More and more, individuals are becoming aware of the limitations of traditional online agencies.  In fact, government and regulatory entities are working hard to ensure that the right disclosures and protections are in place so that seniors are treated right.  Why not offer EVERY plan available in the senior's market, and then explain in that context why your products are a good choice? Can you stand by the products you offer?


Our Medicare Oasis (MO) platform generates awareness and interest among seniors.  The MO platform personalizes the decision, helps them to a category and informs them of what they may expect to pay out-of-pocket.  It presents plans which may be a good fit for them and can reduce the amount of overall research and time they need to spend. However, it's up to each distributor to help the consumer understand the plans we present, and then add additional information to help them make the final decision.  Make sure their physician is in network, explain the information we present, explain supplemental benefits and their comparative values.  Ask them about their preferences and help them make the final decision, then help them enroll.  


We partner with distributors - not replace them.  We respect the insurance agent and the job they do, and we help them serve beneficiaries better.

Sound good?  Contact us to learn more.

Inspire Health Tech will never share your information with any outside parties.

Let's Talk.

If you are interested in knowing how the Medicare Oasis platform can help you improve the services you provide, please fill out the form below.  Thank you.


Thanks for your interest!

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