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Inspire Health Tech - helping you help seniors find the right coverage for their needs and preferences.

About Inspire Health Tech

Inspire Health Tech was inspired by the notion that, regardless of our biological age, it's all about quality of life.  We all know that our days on Earth are limited.  It's the way we live that matters.  Physically, mentally, and financially - we want to make the right decisions to squeeze all we can out of life.

Today's technology can help people live a better life.  Inspire Health Tech offers a portfolio of solutions with one goal; connecting the right technology to the right health problem.  We focus on services that help senior organizations and senior citizens who depend on them make the right decisions to support their physical, mental and financial well-being.

Leadership Team

Medicare Oasis platform - available now!

The Medicare Oasis platform is now available.  Medicare Oasis is a next-generation Medicare plan finder tool you can quickly plug into your online presence or real-world agency.  This valuable and easy-to-use service (available as an API-only, or as a configurable, white-label UX), provides beneficiaries the ability to find the right Medicare plan, free of charge and free of the difficulties and confusion normally associated with online marketing.  Based on each individual's personal history, Medicare Oasis helps them find the plan that minimizes their out-of-pocket expenses and best suits their needs.

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