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Our Team

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Team at Inspire Health is led by insurance technology veterans who understand that the right tech can help everyone - consumers, agencies and carriers.  This is the win-win we seek with every project we undertake.

Our Story

At Inspire Health Tech, we've learned first-hand that the online world of insurance purchasing is a real mess.  Consumers are more and more inclined to research and buy products online, but when they try, they are met with deceptive tactics and overly aggressive marketers that only add to their confusion.

We wanted to forge a better online marketplace, by providing tools which give consumers a personalized, and unbiased presentation of the plans which may be right for their medical situation. By empowering the consumer, this also enables the insurance distributor to more quickly and efficiently assist them to coverage.

Inspire Health Tech knows that everyone CAN win.

Meet The Team

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